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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Room One in the News!

Check out this newspaper article about Room One at the Masked Parade!

Ok, well, so the article isn't from a real newspaper....... just a bit of fun! :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Nelson Masked Parade

Tonight we had a fantastically colourful, exciting and fun time at the Nelson Masked Parade!

I think Room One felt a bit famous as they couldn't stop waving to people on the parade. We had a fantastic time enjoyed by all.

Many thanks to the parents that supported us by dropping their children off on time and dressed in their marvelous costumes.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Stunning Room One - Future Flight Costumes

Today we had a DRESS REHERSAL for the Masked Parade.

We all got to try on all of our costume together for the first time.

We had propellar hats, our rocket jet packs and our sparkly gold neck pieces and skirts.

We looked great; very golden and sparkly. Everyone loved our rocket jetpacks and their flames as well.

Here is an awesome slideshow Mrs B made of us dressed in our costumes!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A new kid in Room One!

Today Room One got a new class member!

Kevin is brand new to Mapua School and comes from Germany. He speaks German and is just beginning to learn English. Kevin had a lot of fun playing with the boys in the playground and it seems he especially loves the computer and our may pole!

This is a map of where Germany is:

We can't wait to get to know Kevin better and to teach him some more English!

Since Kevin is such a neat child - have fun putting a photo of him together in this puzzle! Enjoy!

Many thanks to Allanah from Appleby for this neat Puzzle idea!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Day One, Term 4!

What a fantastic start to Term 4 we have had!

It is such a great feeling to have a class full of children who are excited to be back at school and who can't wait to get back into learning.

We have a big week ahead of us with the Minstrel visiting and planning for the Masked Parade on Friday. You should have got an important notice home today about times/meeting points etc for the Masked Parade - if you haven't seen it - ask your child where it is!!!

Today we learnt how to play "Around the World" to practise our times tables in Maths.
Children had to answer 2 and 5 times table questions really quickly and try to "defeat" the "challenger".

Our champions for today were:

* Tait - defeated 5 and then another 4 children!
* Oscar - who defeated 6 children
* Theo - 4 children
* Robbie & Tiana - 3 children each
* Kelly & Alex - 2 children each
* Kurtis and Harry - 1 child each

* Ackolades also to Hannah, Poppi and Nicholas who all also defeated the challenger.

Congratulations to these FANTASTIC Mathematicians!

The Room One Term 4 Newsletter will also be out tomorrow.
If you can't wait until then dowload a PDF copy NOW from here!

Hope you all had safe, relaxing holidays.
:) Rachel Boyd

Afterthought- I showed this video from You Tube with the Kids today.
They LOVED it, so here it is for your viewing pleasure....


Added note: if you choose to investigate YouTube be aware that some videos may not be suitable for children.