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Monday, January 22, 2007

Favourites of 2006!

It has been an amazing year to be teaching and to be a student in Room One - we have ALL made great strides in our learning and confidence.

As the year draws to a close and our teacher Mrs Boyd goes off to work at Nelson Central School in town we have gathered a collection of our favourite posts over the year.

Thank you for visiting over the year, we hope that you'll enjoy our favourites as much as we enjoy sharing them with you! We've loved so many other students and teachers looking at our blog, commenting and emailing us with positives.
Our teacher's very first post welcoming people to our blog

Our Amazing Kidpix Future Flight designs using a photo slideshow!!

The celebratory post we made when we got 500 hits - we were al
so featured at ULearn and Teacher's started looking at our blog!

Our very first movie we made, hosted on You Tube and displayed on our blog

We were part of the Flat Stanley Project - this is a sample of what our Flat People did and how we recorded it so that the Flat Person's owner overseas could view it instantly!

One of the most memorable whole sc
hool assemblies we presented and how we made a detailed photo slideshow for the parents that couldn't attend

How we introduced and used a class (social bookmarking) account to encourage safe internet useage at home by Room One kiddies

A simple use of Comic Life in our blog - parents can click on the pic to make it bigger and print it out

Using an interactive puzzle on our blog

Presenting a shared story attractively and realistically on our blog

Communication in the School Holidays - click on the link to the webnote page too

Promoting fun literacy-based games online to be used at home for homework

Sharing technical knowledge with ou
r parents & incorporating shared writing of instructions

Promoting extension maths Homework

Our Flickr Photos that we shared throughout the year with parents/caregivers from around the world!

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Thanks for visiting :)

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