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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Google Image Search - Clouds!

Today some of Room One started preparing our Future Flight Artwork.

We needed to find big photographs of clouds to mount our amazing Future Flight Kidpix pictures onto.

Mrs B showed us how to use Google Image Search.
Here are the steps we followed:

1. Type in into address bar while on the internet
2. Click on images
3. Type in 'clouds' as a search term
4. Scroll through the pages until you find the "perfect" cloud that you like
5. Click on the image
6. Click on "see full size image" to get the picture by itself and BIG!
7. Hold down on the mouse and drag the picture onto the desktop of the computer
8. Ask Mrs B to print it!

We found it a bit challenging to drag the photo onto the desktop, but we kept on trying!
The rest of our class will be selecting their clouds tomorrow.

Take a look at some of the clouds we chose today. They look so fluffy and relaxing!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Room One goes to the Beach!

Today was a really busy day for Room One.

We are preparing to host assembly on Friday, are learning lots about 3D shapes and we have just changed all of our reading groups around.

We used alliteration to rename our reading groups.
They are now called:
  • Purple Penguins
  • Golden Giraffes
  • Green Gorillas
  • Red Rabbits

    It was such a nice sunny day so Mrs B got special permission for us to walk down to the beach for a short time.
    It was so hot, sunny and beautiful. A special "Thank You" to Debbie Cox who came with us; we wouldn't have been able to go without you!

    Check out our gorgeous photos that Mrs B & Tait took!

  • Friday, August 25, 2006

    Flat Stanley & Flat Jack's busy Friday!

    What a busy day it has been for Flat Stanley and Flat Jack!

    I really think they must be impressed with the great work that Room One children are doing.

    First they both helped Maia and Harry work on their "wheelbarrows" that they were making to celebrate our blend of the week "wh".

    And later they got really "stuck" into the paper mache work that we are doing to make our masks for the masks parade.

    We learnt that it is fantastic to be flat and laminated, because when you get all "gluey" you can just be washed clean!!

    Daffodil Day

    Today it was Daffodil day which is a special day when we help support the Cancer Society.

    Most of Room One brought coins for our coin trail and we added them to the beautiful Daffodil Miss Hough had drawn in chalk on the new court area.

    Half the money raised goes to Mapua School for more shade cover and the rest goes to help the Cancer Society with research and to help people with Cancer.

    We were also lucky enough to get a great daffodil day tattoo!

    Thursday, August 24, 2006

    Future Flight Designs

    Room One has been working SO hard to finish their Kidpix future flight designs.
    You will be AMAZED at the results.
    I can certainly see people getting around in the skies like this in the future.

    The slideshow below might take a little while to load but it is WORTH the wait. All children's work is featured.
    Please enjoy....

    Flight of the Future, by Room One

    RockYou slideshow | View | Add Favorite

    Monday, August 21, 2006

    Homefun Week 6

    We are still learning LOTS about shapes.

    Did you know that a ten sided shape is called a decagon?

    Here is some extension work looking at all the different names of shapes with 3 - 10 sides.
    Click on the link to play the game and test your knowledge!

    Click here for your maths homefun!

    PARENT NOTE: * Info is in the red box on the site (this has the answers in it) - children need to study these and learn the names * The game is played in the orange box on the site (scroll down) * To start the game, scroll down to the YELLOW box and click countdown to answer as many questions as possible in 60 seconds.


    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Masked Parade Masks

    Today we started to make our head masks (hats) for the Mask Parade.

    We firstly started with a balloon. Then we paper mached over the top of the balloon with glue and pieces of ripped newspaper.
    We applied one layer of newspaper this afternoon, next week we will put more layers on to make our hats strong.

    Later we are going to cut our balloon shapes into a hat and decorate the top of the hat with our future flight designs. They are going to be awesome!

    Check out the cool slideshow... it's worth the wait!

    RockYou slideshow | View | Add Favorite

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    A surprise for Miss Trayes!

    Today we all prepared a great surprise for Miss Trayes.
    It is her last day at Mapua School today and WE WILL MISS HER!!

    We all brought something to share for lunch and had a great time eating and talking.

    At School Assembly Mrs B gave her a big card as her "certificate" and Miss Trayes had to stand up there with all the other children that got awards :D

    Later we gave Miss Trayes the signature bear that we all signed. Mrs B also gave her a poster, certificates and stickers for when she teaches her own class.

    We hope she had a great day and enjoyed her special surprise!


    Flat Stanley's day with Harry!

    Today Flat Stanley spent the day with Harry who is looking after him.

    "First Flat Stanley did fitness with me. We had Mrs Higgins and we played fun games. Flat Stanley helped me later with some of my work. We were writing our current event story about a zookeeper who got attacked by two lions. I wrote 1 and a half pages!

    At morning tea time we went to my hut and Flat Stanley climbed some trees. After morning tea we read the book "At the Marae" together, it was pretty hard. For maths Flat Stanley helped me to draw shapes on our worksheet.

    At lunch time I forgot to take Flat Stanley out to play. I think he would have felt sad. Afterwards I said sorry and I wont be leaving him behind again!"

    By Harry.

    Flat Jack's day at school!

    Flat Jack spent the day at school with Maia today.

    Here are some of the things they got up to...

    "I went to the playground with Flat Jack and we went down the fireman's pole. We went to my hut and put some more rocks on the sides of the pathway. It is not quite finished but it still looks good. I think Flat Jack had a lot of fun.

    After that we went and Flat Jack climbed on some trees. Tomorrow I am going to take him back to my hut to finish doing the rocks.

    By Maia.

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    Thinking Hat Tuesday - If our noses were on top of our heads!

    Today was Thinking Hat Tuesday in Room One.
    We put on our different thinking hats and we explore situations and problems by thinking in different ways.

    Today we looked at the BLACK hat, the RED hat and the GREEN hat.
    Our Creativity Starter was:

    The black hat is all about the bad points and the weaknesses.
  • Your hair would tickle your nose - Maia
  • The hairdresser might cut your nose off by accident - Kelly
  • If it was windy the air could go into your nose and mouth - Asriel
  • You could sneeze into someones face - Alex
  • A bird may poop into your nose! - Tiana

    The red hat is all about our feelings.
  • It would feel bad if I had a cold; some snot might go into my hair! - Grace
  • I would feel annoyed because when walking down a dusty street; dust might go up your nose - Hannah
  • I would feel annoyed because the wind migh blow our hair up our nose! - Robbie
  • I would feel sad because people would say I looked funny - Theo
  • I would feel sad because people might call me names - Lauryn

    The green hat is all about creativity and new ideas
  • You could cover it up with long hair and the doctor might ask "where is your nose?" - Atorea
  • If you were at a party you could wear a party hat over your nose - Tullamore
  • The basketball might squash your nose and boogies might come out - Josie
  • You might go to sleep and knock your nose - Tequila
  • You could be playing soccer and sneeze; and it would go all over the ball and make you win! - Victoria
  • Monday, August 14, 2006

    Miss Trayes!

    For the past 4 weeks Room One has been lucky enough to have Miss Trayes helping and teaching in the classroom.
    On Friday it is her last day at Mapua School; we are going to have a special shared lunch for her.... but it's a SECRET (so we hope she doesn't read this!)

    Here are what some of Room One had to say about Miss Trayes:

  • Miss Trayes is nice. If you're working with another group she can help you. Miss Trayes is doing well at teaching. She is good at helping Room One out.

  • I am sad that Miss Trayes is leaving Mapua. I hope you will have a great time at Teacher Learning. I have enjoyed having you teaching Room One.

  • I am going to miss Miss Trayes when you leave Mapua School. But I am not going to be that unhappy because you might still babysit me.
  • Friday, August 11, 2006

    Junior Syndicate Assembly

    Every second Friday we have a Junior Syndicate Assembly. All the children from Room One, Two, Three and Four come and we sing songs and the teachers give out certificates!

    Here are some photos Tiana and Lauryn took of our Junior Syndicate Assembly!

    Congratulations also to our Star of the Week: Robbie

    Blend of the Week - Week Four

    This week our Blend of the Week was "tr"

    We have had a very busy week working with Miss Trayes. We have had a winter themed big book and poem (Jack Frost). We hope the warmer weather will continue... we are sick of winter!

    Today to celebrate our learning on the blend "tr" we made a TRUCK

    They were a little difficult to make but we just kept trying. Here are what some of them turned out like!

    (photos coming soon)

    Thursday, August 10, 2006

    David Kemp (Artist) Interview

    This afternoon David Kemp (a local artist & sculptor) came to talk to Rooms 1, 2 & 3 about mask making.

    Since he was our EXPERT we had prepared 4 questions each to ask him. We wanted to find out more about making masks, where to get the materials and how to join things together.

    At the end of the question time David showed us how to paper machie and how to make a frame for our masks with a headband. It was really useful and we have come away with lots of ideas for our masks that we will be making for the Nelson Masked Parade in October.

    Current Events Thursday - New Money!

    Today was Current Events Thursday for Room One!
    Robbie and Lauryn were our news reporters.
    They had gathered a newspaper article from the Nelson Mail about the new 10, 20 and 50c coins.

    We wrote some fantastic reports on the new coins. Here are some of them!

    We are having new money. The college boys were excited because they wanted to use the new money. They went to the dairy and they went to the fountain in Nelson and they dropped their old money in. They said “rust in peace”.
    By Theo

    On the first of August all the people are swapping old coins for our new ones. They are 10c, 20c and 50c. All of the old coins people are throwing into the yellow and purple fountain and saying “rust in peace”.
    By Lauryn

    College boys are swapping their money.
    (You can use your old money until the end of August)
    Some new shops wont take the new money.
    By Nicholas

    Make sure when you are next in our classroom that you check out our new Current Events book in our Library Corner. It looks like this and we will be adding to it each week!

    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    Room One's Sport Afternoon

    This afternoon Room One had sport with the rest of the Junior Syndicate.

    First we were with Miss Hough doing rugby skills and then we were with Ms Quint doing basketball skills.

    We had a lot of fun practising our Large Ball Skills.

    Check out the action!

    Tuesday, August 08, 2006

    Lune Poems

    Today we wrote LUNE poems with Miss Trayes.

    A lune poem is a special poem that has 3 words on the first line, 5 words on the second line and 3 words on the last line. I wrote two lune poems, one was about the beach and one was about rain.
    By Tullamore

    Cute little lambs
    I love my little lamb
    You're my favourite!
    By Kelly

    Rain drops dripping
    Jump in the puddles, jump
    I'm loving it!
    By Tullamore

    I love writing
    At school playing on the bars
    I like reading
    By Hannah

    I love water
    The water is lovely water
    I love the beach!
    By Robbie

    I love starfish
    The oh so beautiful starfish
    Starfish Starfish Starfish
    By Atorea

    Monday, August 07, 2006

    Introducing Flat Jack!

    Room One has had SO many Flat People visiting this year! We have also really been enjoying seeing what our Flat People have been doing when they have been on their adventures!

    Flat Jack is the latest Flat Person who is visiting us. Maia is looking after him. Flat Jack is from Hewett Primary School in South Australia.

    Last week Maia and Sophie introduced Flat Jack to two important people in our school.
    They are Mr Gully (our Principal) and Denise (our Office Manager)

    Here are the photos that Maia and Sophie took of Flat Jack meeting Mr Gully & Denise!

    Well done Maia and Sophie - you are learning to take fantastic shots with the digital camera!

    Sunday, August 06, 2006

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    Kind regards,
    Rachel Boyd :)

    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    Blend of the Week - Week Three

    This week our Blend of the Week was "th".

    We counted SO MANY "th" blends in our Big Book of the Week: Thunder Mountain!!!

    We also thought of LOTS and LOTS of "th" words and words that have "th" in them like:
  • birthday
  • thump
  • thought
  • thirteen
  • thursday
  • thick
  • their
  • thousand

    For our blend activity we made a THEATRE and THEATRE PUPPETS!!
    They are so great! We can use them to pretend we are putting on a play in the theatre!
  • Kia Kaha - Day Four

    Today we had our last session with Mr T for Kia Kaha!

    First we played a game. We all sat in a circle and there were cards on the floor. Mr T chose a girl and then a boy to pick a card. They had to read it out loud and Mr T asked the them what they would do in that situation. We had to talk about good choices we would make if someone punched you; if you feel like kicking someone; if someone stole your lunch money and if someone offered you their lunch. Room One had lots of ideas for good choices they could make.

    Then Mr T read us some stories, they were all about helping and making good choices.

    By Sophie

    We finished the session by making a HELPING TREE.
    Each person had to write their name and the name of people who could help us on the apple.
    We then coloured the apple and glued it onto our Helping Tree.

    Some of the people we discussed that we could go to if we need help were:
  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Mrs B
  • Miss Trayes
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Mr Gully
  • Denise
  • Friends

    We have learnt lots in Kia Kaha, THANK YOU Mr T.

    Kia Kaha - Stay Stong, Walk Tall

  • Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    Kia Kaha - Day Three

    Today in Kia Kaha with Mr T we learnt about behaviour & making good choices.

    We learnt that it is easier if you tell the truth all the time and not blame other children. We need to take responsibility for our actions and tell the teacher or our parents the truth if we do something bad or wrong. Parents and teachers will usually find out the truth and they will be angry that you lied to them and you will get told off!

    By Kalani

    Room One Art Exhibition

    Room One is on show!!

    Our Term 2 fish prints are currently on display on in the Mapua School Library.

    Please come and view our great prints in our Art Exhibition whenever you are nearby and leave your comments on this post!

    Tuesday, August 01, 2006

    Kia Kaha - Day Two

    Today Mr T (the Police Education Officer) came again to take Room One for Kia Kaha.

    He read us a story about some children that were being mean to a girl. In the story the girl told the teacher and the mean children got in trouble. She was brave and she asked for help.
    We learnt that it is important not to be mean to others, and if if people are being mean to you; you can tell your class teacher or the teacher on duty... even if the mean person tells you that you're NOT to tell anyone!

    By Asriel