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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kia Kaha - Day Four

Today we had our last session with Mr T for Kia Kaha!

First we played a game. We all sat in a circle and there were cards on the floor. Mr T chose a girl and then a boy to pick a card. They had to read it out loud and Mr T asked the them what they would do in that situation. We had to talk about good choices we would make if someone punched you; if you feel like kicking someone; if someone stole your lunch money and if someone offered you their lunch. Room One had lots of ideas for good choices they could make.

Then Mr T read us some stories, they were all about helping and making good choices.

By Sophie

We finished the session by making a HELPING TREE.
Each person had to write their name and the name of people who could help us on the apple.
We then coloured the apple and glued it onto our Helping Tree.

Some of the people we discussed that we could go to if we need help were:
  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Mrs B
  • Miss Trayes
  • Brother
  • Sister
  • Mr Gully
  • Denise
  • Friends

    We have learnt lots in Kia Kaha, THANK YOU Mr T.

    Kia Kaha - Stay Stong, Walk Tall