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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thinking Hat Tuesday

Today our "Thinking Hat Tuesday" topic is a weird one!

"What if your ears were on the backs of your hands"

Put on your different thinking hats and think in different ways about this topic.

You might think of the idea in terms of:
  • Black Hat - it's weaknesses or bad points
  • Yellow Hat - it's strengths or good points
  • White Hat - the information and facts
  • Red Hat - your feelings about the idea
  • Green Hat - new or creative ideas linked to the idea
  • Blue Hat - thinking that would be required.

    Post up your fantastic ideas ideas as a comment and don't forget to sign your name!
  • Thursday, November 23, 2006

    A Science Experiment at the Beach!

    Today the whole Junior Syndicate walked down to the beach to conduct a Science Experiment!

    We had to make a sand sculpture/creation at the beach, the next day we are going to come back and see the effects of EROSION on our creations.

    Our aim was: to investigate the effects of water of our sand creations.

    Check out the photos of the creations that each group made.

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    Moutere Hills Athletics Day

    We had an amazing time at the Moutere Hills Athletics Day on Saturday!
    Here is a bubble map that we did as a whole class: it's amazing what we can think of with all 25 brains working together!

    Here is Harry's recount story of Athletics Day:

    On Saturday the 11th of November it was Athletics Day. My favourite things were sprints, distance run and long jump.
    I found sprints hard because I'm not that fast. I found distance run easy becasue I passed a lot of people. I found long jump hard because I can't jump that far.
    Mum and Dad came to watch me.
    For long jump I scored a 1. For distance run I got a 2. For sprints my time was 13-87.
    Athletics day was at the Upper Moutere Domain. The whole Moutere Cluster came. Mapua school won a shield.
    Athletics Day was fun!

    By Harry

    Friday, November 10, 2006

    Super Water Science Experiments

    Whipping air into something that normally sinks

    In this experiment we used an egg white. Normally the egg white sinks when put into a bowl of water.
    We wanted to see if we could make the egg white float. We whipped it using a fork, putting air and bubbles into it.
    The results were that most of the egg white FLOATED!
    We discovered that AIR HELPS THINGS TO FLOAT!!

    Investigating the surface tension of water

    In this experiment we wanted to find out about the surface tension of water.
    We put a small piece of crepe paper into a bowl of water. It wriggled out and floated!
    We tested if the needle would float in the water by itself but it just sunk to the bottom.
    Next we gently laid a needle of top to see what would happen. Most of us thought that it would all sink down together..... BUT ..... they both floated. It was amazing!
    The paper supported the needle in the water.
    Check out these photos taken by Hannah!

    Thursday, November 09, 2006

    Kelly's Kitten Story

    The Kitten Who Ran Away

    Once upon a time there was a girl called Anna Rose, she had a kitten called Fluffy. One night Anna Rose forgot to lock the cat flap and Fluffy ran away. The next morning Anna Rose noticed Fluffy wasn't sleeping at the end of her bed. She was so worried she searched the whole house but there was no sign of poor Fluffy. Anna Rose walked to her room and looked out her window.

    Just at that moment her face lit up. There was Fluffy stuck at the very top of a tall tree with a crowd all around him and a fire engine ladder rescuing him. Anna Rose ran outside to the tree. "Fluffy!" she shouted as the man on the ladder climbed down with Fluffy in his hands. Fluffy jumped into Anna Rose's arms and started licking her face. Anna Rose took Fluffy home.

    That night Fluffy was kidnapped by Scott Hamperson. In the morning Anna Rose couldn't find Fluffy again. She looked out the window, she wasn't stuck up at the very top of the tall tree. She searched the whole house once again but there was no sign of Fluffy. This time she was more worried than ever. She wasn't at the end of her bed and she wasn't in the house. "What if she's hurt?" she thought as she ran to tell her Mum. "I'll ring the police just incase she was kidnapped" Mum said.

    The police asked Anna Rose all sorts of questions about Fluffy. Fluffy was by now getting taken to New York Ciry with Scott Hamperson. Scott Hamperson was goinf to a cat show.

    On the boat Fluffy got out of her cage by scatching at the lock. She jumped into a canoe that was floating by. The police tracked down Scott Hamperson with their police file. Then a police boat came to get Fluffy.

    Fluffy showed the police Scott Hamperson who was arrested for robbery. The police took Fluffy home to his family who lived happily ever after.

    By Kelly
    Photos from Google Image Search: By Kelly

    Thursday, November 02, 2006

    Pet Day at Mapua!

    Today Mapua School held Pet Day, this is only held every second year. It was a very exciting day!

    Firstly in the morning we had the toy and fruit/vege creation section. It was amazing to see some of the entries that people from both the junior and senior school had brought in.

    Kalani won 1st prize for the junior toy section & Tullamore won 1st prize for the junior fruit/vege creation section.... well done!

    Today is Pet Day. I entered a vegetable train. It is flat, it is not put together very well. I still think it is great. I also brought two soft toys. Their names are Claire Bear and Googie. They are cute because they are my toys.
    By Oscar

    Today I am entering a dog. She is called Flo. She plays with me a lot. She plays with me a lot. We run around a track. Flo is orange and white. She is 6 months old.
    By Josie

    My chicken is called Shark. She is 2 years old. We are bringing her in a box with a lid on it so that she doesn’t get away. She is brown, red and orange.
    By Tullamore
    Check out some of the other action at Pet Day:

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    A Room One

    Last Friday Room One went to the computer room and experienced their first taste of something truly!

    Mrs B has set up a Room One links list on the site!

    The great thing about this is that it is a safe list of websites that we can browse. They include everything from interactive maths and english games, actvities as well as sites that are just for fun!

    You might like to bookmark our Room One Mapua site to your computer so you can visit and have some fun learning after school or on the weekend!

    Click here to visit our Room One Mapua link site... we'd also like to remind you to check out the Groovy Captain Underpants Games.... they're our favourites! More neat games and websites that are child-friendly will be added over time.

    From Mrs B & Room One :)