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Monday, November 13, 2006

Moutere Hills Athletics Day

We had an amazing time at the Moutere Hills Athletics Day on Saturday!
Here is a bubble map that we did as a whole class: it's amazing what we can think of with all 25 brains working together!

Here is Harry's recount story of Athletics Day:

On Saturday the 11th of November it was Athletics Day. My favourite things were sprints, distance run and long jump.
I found sprints hard because I'm not that fast. I found distance run easy becasue I passed a lot of people. I found long jump hard because I can't jump that far.
Mum and Dad came to watch me.
For long jump I scored a 1. For distance run I got a 2. For sprints my time was 13-87.
Athletics day was at the Upper Moutere Domain. The whole Moutere Cluster came. Mapua school won a shield.
Athletics Day was fun!

By Harry