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Friday, November 10, 2006

Super Water Science Experiments

Whipping air into something that normally sinks

In this experiment we used an egg white. Normally the egg white sinks when put into a bowl of water.
We wanted to see if we could make the egg white float. We whipped it using a fork, putting air and bubbles into it.
The results were that most of the egg white FLOATED!
We discovered that AIR HELPS THINGS TO FLOAT!!

Investigating the surface tension of water

In this experiment we wanted to find out about the surface tension of water.
We put a small piece of crepe paper into a bowl of water. It wriggled out and floated!
We tested if the needle would float in the water by itself but it just sunk to the bottom.
Next we gently laid a needle of top to see what would happen. Most of us thought that it would all sink down together..... BUT ..... they both floated. It was amazing!
The paper supported the needle in the water.
Check out these photos taken by Hannah!