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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Google Image Search - Clouds!

Today some of Room One started preparing our Future Flight Artwork.

We needed to find big photographs of clouds to mount our amazing Future Flight Kidpix pictures onto.

Mrs B showed us how to use Google Image Search.
Here are the steps we followed:

1. Type in into address bar while on the internet
2. Click on images
3. Type in 'clouds' as a search term
4. Scroll through the pages until you find the "perfect" cloud that you like
5. Click on the image
6. Click on "see full size image" to get the picture by itself and BIG!
7. Hold down on the mouse and drag the picture onto the desktop of the computer
8. Ask Mrs B to print it!

We found it a bit challenging to drag the photo onto the desktop, but we kept on trying!
The rest of our class will be selecting their clouds tomorrow.

Take a look at some of the clouds we chose today. They look so fluffy and relaxing!