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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lune Poems

Today we wrote LUNE poems with Miss Trayes.

A lune poem is a special poem that has 3 words on the first line, 5 words on the second line and 3 words on the last line. I wrote two lune poems, one was about the beach and one was about rain.
By Tullamore

Cute little lambs
I love my little lamb
You're my favourite!
By Kelly

Rain drops dripping
Jump in the puddles, jump
I'm loving it!
By Tullamore

I love writing
At school playing on the bars
I like reading
By Hannah

I love water
The water is lovely water
I love the beach!
By Robbie

I love starfish
The oh so beautiful starfish
Starfish Starfish Starfish
By Atorea