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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Captain Underpants Homefun Surprise!

For extra homefun this week I have found Room One an EXTRA special treat!

Great to celebrate both our fantastic 500 hits and the last week of Term 3.

In Room One we absolutely LOVE the Captain Underpants series by author Dave Pilkey.
This week we have a fantastic "Splashernator 2000" hangman game to play.

Try and guess what the hangman phrase is by clicking on each letter (remember try the vowels first). Beware however that each wrong letter brings you closer to doom and getting Captain Underpants wet in the Splashernator 2000. Once you've had a serious try, you might also like to see what happens if you get the phrase wrong.... what happens when Captain underpants gets wet???

ENJOY and post your thoughts on this game as comments below!

Mrs B :)