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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Feelings Poems

This week we had a great Poem of the Week called "Feelings"

Since we are going to be learning about poetry we decided to use our poem of the week to help us write OUR OWN feelings poems!

FIRST we brainstormed feeling words, THEN we talked about the structure the poem had to follow. The structure was:
When I feel _______
I feel _______
Like a ________
or a ________

Have a read to see some of what we wrote for our feelings poems.

When I am happy
I feel excited
Like a dog waiting at the top of the driveway
Or Gus when I come home.
By Theo

When I am mad
I feel white hot
Like an erupting volcano
Or an explosion.
By Tait

When I am jealous
I feel very, very mean
Like a mad and hungry lion
or being hurt really, really badly.
By Tiana

When I am sad
I feel chilly and blue
When I am happy
I hope you do too
I feel yellow like a dandelion.
By Atorea.