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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Kelly's Big Challenge - The New Classroom

Today Kelly had a special challenge waiting for her when she got to school.

She was going to be a special News Reporter and Photographer for the day!

Kelly's task was to find all about the new classroom that was being built.
  • wrote down questions she had about the new classroom being built
  • interviewed Mr Hepburn to find out the answers
  • took digital photos of the new classroom being built
  • drafted, proof read and spell checked her report
  • re-wrote her best copy of her report

    KA PAI KELLY - What a fabulous job you have done today!

    On the 20th of August some builders started building Room Nine. Mr Gully is in charge of the builders. The builders are building Room Nine because a lot of people are starting school. The builders have been working for about three weeks now.

    The door to Room Nine will be in the front of the building. Mr Hepburn will be teaching in the new classroom. None of the Room Eight people will be moving into Room Nine. Mr Hepburn thinks the builders will be finished on the 20th of September.

    Photographs & Report by Kelly