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Friday, September 08, 2006

Asriel entertains Flat Jack!

Today I got to look after Flat Jack! First at morning tea we went to the playground, but then the bell rang. We had to go back to class and do some learning.
Flat Jack helped me to paper mache my balloon. It is getting much stronger. At lunchtime I gave Flat Jack some of my food - sandwiches with cheese and tomato in them. Then I gave him a sandwich with jam in it. He thought it was yummy and scrumptious!
We went to the playground again with Hannah. I showed Hannah that I could make Flat Jack stay on the bars. We had a great time. Then we went to another part of the playground and we did some other cool fun things like going down the fireman's pole and going across the swing bridge.

We hope Flat Jack enjoyed his very last day at Mapua School. On Monday Mrs B is going to package him back up for his flight back to Hewett School is South Australia!