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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Skip Counting in 2's - the 2x tables!

Hi parents!

Last week we spent time skip counting in 2's and used this to answer 2x table questions.

We plan to make a video in class to show you how we skip count to gain the answer.
As a class we are trying really hard to learn our tables using our number knowledge, not by rote like many adults were taught. This means our children will not panic if they have to work out 2 x 14 for example (meanwhile the rest of us are saying ahhh! never learnt my 14 x table!)

Here is a link to a fantastic website where you can practise those 2 x tables.


Your challenge is to get the man to to TOP of the mountain!
Make sure you select the 2x tables button.

[PS and when you get him there it is so much fun to press the "descend" button to watch him go down the other side :D ]

Have fun learning - Mrs B.